Rock climbing is a sport in which participants climb up or across natural rock formations or man-made rock walls. The goal is to reach the summit of a formation or the endpoint of a pre-defined route. Rock climbing is similar to scrambling, but climbing is generally differentiated because of the use of hands to support the climber's weight as well as to provide balance.

Rock climbing is a physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility, and balance along with his or her mental control. It can be a dangerous sport and knowledge of proper climbing techniques and usage of specialized climbing equipment is crucial for the safe completion of routes.

The club owns a selection of climbing gear that members can borrow for free for use on club trips. For more information check out the gear section of the site, or contact any member of the committee.

Bath University, Bachelors of Climbing Student Handbook

The Majority of new students arrive at the University of Bath with high aspirations of studying hard at a conventional degree. However, many students soon find themselves transferring to the BClimb course, students may be unaware that they have in fact transferred to the course. Unfortunately the faculty of Mountaineering is unable to provide an industry recognised degree, however students will be provided with a large smile, immense satisfaction and sore elbows. Postgraduate studies in dirtbaggery and friction are also an option. The faculty of Mountaineering unfortunately has limited resources but a module of the BClimb course is resourcefulness. There are plenty of opportunities for study of vertical movement for those will imagination and motivation.

The Outpost, behind
the golf course.

Bathampton Rocks

Behind the golf course hidden in the woods is Bathampton rocks. There is a 9m spire of good rock that can be difficult to find. It is not uncommon to be considering giving up searching only to realise that you are stood on top of it. In addition there is a small section of bouldering wall that can provide fingery powerful problems for some lunch time training. Bathampton rocks can be found by following the footpath on the edge of the golf course behind Eastwood to the right and following this into the woods

Town, Climbing By foot

Jon Ridley, taking pictures in
the kids play park.

Often to the itchy fingered climber it can seem that buildings in bath were designed to be climbed. Fortunately there are a small number of spots to climb that won’t result in running from the law in your rock shoes. In Victoria park there is a small climbing wall that is good for some after dark stamina training. After dark because the wall is situated in the children’s play area and with the kids gone you can play on the zip line in between laps.

On the other side of the river in linear park, at the end is a railway bridge with featured bricks providing some pumpy traverses for the lactic acid fix. This is a venue for the most motivated, forearm burning sessions are to be had after broken glass and dog poo has been removed from the base of the climb, then after a quick brush you then go round and round till dizzy. Fun can be had climbing round the side and giving day dreaming dog walkers a shock.

Public transport Climbing

Avon Gorge, if you Civil
Engineering it counts as

Avon Gorge is about a 40 minute walk from Bristol Temple Meads train station. No car needed, grab a bouldering mat or a mate, rack and ropes and off you go. Avon gorge is often given a bad reputation, some of the easier routes can be polished but this is true of most crags anyway, there are some great adventures to be had. It is also possible to get to Goblin Combe by train and is about 5Km from Yatton station. Many of the routes at Goblin Combe are Lord of the Rings related, once you enter the wood it is easy to see why.
The Climbing Academy (TCA) is only 15 minutes by foot from Temple Meads. It is a brilliant indoor climbing wall with something for everyone. People from the club go to TCA every Wednesday to climb, have fun and socialise. If you want to go but are unsure of where to go feel free to email the BUMC committee and they’ll let you know when or where people are meeting (usually 1.30 outside the library on Wednesdays), you don’t need to be a club member to come along on Wednesdays as it is a commercial wall, so you can have a go and meet some of us mountaineers before deciding whether or not to join.

Climbing by Car

If you have a car or manage to befriend someone that does the world is your oyster. There is a vast amount of climbing within an hour of Bath; Cheddar, Avon, Wye Valley as well as a fist full of small crags and quarries.

Cairngorms, Hidden Chimney.

Club Trips

Pretty much every other weekend BUMC run trips to various places to do various things; walking, scrambling, climbing as well as other silly antics. Club trips are a great opportunity to meet others who share a passion for the outdoors, gain new knowledge and skills as well as get to explore some beautiful places.